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This one actually felt pretty good. I cut down the walking time by half and sprinted on the jog times. It's still been raining, it's soggy and muddy outside. It kindof makes it more fun, and at the same time it makes it a bit harder.

My puppy thinks that this running walking running thing is over rated. He's a pro runner and can run for hours at a time without stopping.

The Boulder Boulder was yesterday, a 10k run through my town. (which makes it really freaking hard to get to work) my goal is to run the boulder boulder next year. It's a really big goal, but I feel like it would be good to have something in mind. So...364 days from today I will attempt to run a 10k.

Do any of the rest of you have long term goals like this?
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I'm a bit late updating this run as it happened yesterday, conditions were crappy. It's been thunder storming here and I dont like getting soggy while running. I dont like soggy shoes.

My puppy has been sick so He's been slowed down a bit too. Poor thing. I still feel like this run is slow. I cant wait to get to week 2 and step it up a notch!
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This journal has been created to track and force me to keep up with my c25k program. I decided a few days ago that I would do it this summer, no matter what. Today was my first run.

Time: 8:20pm-8:55pm
Weather: 78 degrees, overcast
Partner: Cowboy

Notes: Run felt slow, during the running parts I pushed myself out of a jog and still didn't feel winded at all. I know soon I'll be thankful for not feeling winded but I desired more from the run. Weather has been ungodly hot the last few days, I'm glad that it cooled down enough to let me get out.

Also, my shoes are kindof broken down. I should go get some new ones, get fitted properly.


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